Crazy for Coats

Cold weather is on my mind. I finally bought plane tickets to go home to freezing, cold “Minnesnowta” for the holidays, so of course I’m thinking about ways to stay warm. But the days of puffy, Michelin Man jackets are long behind me. I much prefer… Read more


The Best Baked Bread

There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of fresh baked bread. And there’s nothing more satisfying than baking it yourself. But truly great bread always eluded me. The rise would fail, the crumb stayed dense and the crust was barely worthy of the name. When… Read more


Make Your Own Minimal Geometric Mug

A few weeks back, my lady friends came over for an easy DIY craft night. We ate beer-battered cauliflower tacos, drank margaritas, watched 10 Things I Hate About You and decorated our own mugs. (Random factoid: Did you know Andrew Keegan started his own religion?) This DIY was perfect for our… Read more


Herbivore Botanicals Reviewed

For the first 20-some-odd years of my life, I’d been pretty blessed with easy-to-care-for skin. But as I get older and my hormones change, I’ve started to notice more and more annoying little blemishes. Drinking lots of water and religiously washing my face didn’t seem… Read more


How A Hand Injury Heals Everything Else

I’ve been away from the blog much longer than planned, but not because I wanted to. Instead, I’ve been in and out of doctors’ offices and generally trying not to use my hands. There were definitely some initial surface level perks (like my boyfriend doing all the housekeeping, getting… Read more


BRB (And Bathing Suits)

I have to take a little blogging break – doctor’s orders. Not sure exactly what the cause is yet, but my hands and arms have been in a lot of pain lately – made noticeably worse by typing and using my phone. (Modern day woes!)… Read more


The Ocean At Night

“The house represents what we ourselves would like to be on earth: permanent, rooted, here for eternity. But a camp represents the true reality of things: we’re just passing through.” – Richard Deakin Camping can be many things – dirty, sleepless and at times frustrating – but at its best,… Read more


Not So Little Black Dress

We all know how flattering a little black dress can be, but we rarely talk about the not so little black dress. You know, the one that might be mistaken for a sack or a maternity dress – the baggy, saggy, flowy, loose-fitting comfortable one. The one that’s… Read more


Beer-Battered Cauliflower Tacos

The name says it all, beer plus batter, plus cauliflower, plus tacos. Heaven in a tortilla. And super easy to make. I found a vegan recipe via The Milking Almond, but modified it slightly since I didn’t have all the same ingredients on hand and… Read more


Simply Scalloped

I have a small obsession with all things scalloped. The circular edge is such a playful detail that really makes a big impact. This basic black and white outfit would be  a lot less interesting if these shorts had a regular hem, but instead it… Read more


Easy Mediterranean Salad

My number one dream destination is Greece. The beautiful white buildings, gorgeous coastlines and fresh food make it a must on my list. But since I don’t have plans to visit any time soon, I can make do with bringing a little bit of Greece… Read more