The Best Bet for Brittle Hair

A few months ago, I did a big shampoo showdown in the hopes of finding the perfect shampoo. But after religiously using what I thought was my new-all-time favorite volumizing shampoo and conditioner, my hair feels extremely dry and brittle. But, I think there’s some… Read more


Green Zatar Roasted Vegetables

The biggest challenge I face as a vegetarian isn’t temptation or even getting enough protein, it’s just boredom. When you cut all meat and fish out of your diet, it takes a little bit of extra energy to keep meals interesting (but it’s totally worth… Read more


The Spice Station

Last weekend in Palm Springs we all took turns cooking. My old roommate Steve seriously impressed me with some amazing grilled vegetables that had been marinated in some kind of magical spices. When I asked him what he did to make it all taste so… Read more


Better Off Red

For a very long time, my favorite color was red. I loved it so much that I painted a big accent wall in my bedroom entirely red – but that was the beginning of the end. I think looking at red every day for two years started… Read more


My New Summer Staple!

High-waisted pants and shorts have never been my thing. I always thought they’d make me look bigger and feel too 70′s. But this minimal tropical print keeps things modern while the stretchy striped elastic waistband keeps things tucked and trim. I’m now a high-waisted convert!… Read more


Red, White & Blue

I love the Fourth of July for the fireworks, food and fun with friends. But as much as I love celebrating the holiday, I don’t own anything that screams “USA” – not even a tee with an American flag on it. But that’s okay, I like playing… Read more


Fourth of July Food

I’m headed to Palm Springs in t-minus 8 hours! In preparation for the long weekend, I made a couple of my favorite side dishes to share at our Fourth of July feast. They’re both super easy, travel well and vegetarian! (But my meat-eating friends love… Read more


Trench Talk

I’d been eyeing this flowy trench coat from Zara all year, but held out hope that it would eventually go on sale. But that’s a calculated risk, especially with Zara since their garments are so popular. And I’ve definitely been sold out in the past. But… Read more


One Corner At A Time: The Living Room

I’m really excited to finally share some before and after pictures of our living room as well as the challenges we faced and the solutions we found when putting the room together! Here’s what we started with: CHALLENGE: Create a modern, minimal space without being too cold or… Read more


Weekend Recap

It’s pretty rare that I get alone time these days, so when it does happen, I don’t necessarily make big plans – I  just take time to enjoy the independence.So while the boyfriend was on a surf trip with friends, I caught up some much… Read more


Plant Parenthood

It’s been less than seven days since Broady and I bought our first plants together – a tall, bright green alocasia and a small fuzzy club moss – but in that time we’ve almost killed the alocasia. We had no misconceptions about our skills as gardeners,… Read more


Fifteen Dollar Find

I’ve been on a strict clothing budget for the past few months, trying to divert my spending money to furniture and the new apartment instead. But I still wanted to scratch that shopping itch and managed to find a great garment that I didn’t feel guilty… Read more