Bedroom Update

We moved into our apartment almost exactly a year ago, but it took me until March to start updating it. I think I’d put it off for so long because it’s the one room no one usually sees. You can just close the door and… Read more


Sporty Chic

I follow sports about as closely as I follow what’s going on with the Kardashians – so not at all. But that doesn’t mean I’m anti-sports, anti-superbowl or even anti-Kardashian. It just means you won’t find much athletic apparel in my closet and you probably… Read more


Ugly Tissue Box? No problem!

As if being sick and having a runny nose isn’t bad enough, tissue box companies have to add insult to injury by making tissue box designs that only make you feel worse. There’s that strange marbly leaf design that comes in exciting shades like brown, the “modern” one with multi-colored cubes… Read more

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The Practical & Perfectly Styled Shelf

I like a good selfie, but even more than that, I love a good shelfie. Look at someone’s shelves and it’s like looking into their soul. A collection of books, photos and totems can reveal hobbies, cherished moments, old adventures and future dreams. But there’s a… Read more


A Surprising Spring Day in February

We’ve been blessed with some early spring weather in Los Angeles and I’ve found myself digging deeper into the closet for some lighter garments. These silk joggers usually don’t make an appearance until March or April, but I was eager to wear them with the… Read more


Mid Century Dream Home

With renewed energy for continuing the decorating process in our apartment, I’ve got my eyes super-peeled for inspiring places – just picture Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. In the process I stumbled on Dwell’s dreamy Mid Century Revival home and I’m thinking of ways to incorporate the rich… Read more


Can Art Be Therapy?

I was listening to a great interview with Alain de Botton whose most recent book Art As Therapy asks, “what is art for?” He says that art, “Can guide and console us, and along the way, help us to better understand both art and ourselves.” To… Read more


Back To The Basics

Whenever I feel like I’m in a rut, I go back to the basics. That can be true for all sorts of things… Cooking rut? Bake a simple, but delicious loaf of bread. Creative rut? Read a classic, like The Sun Also Rises. Wardrobe rut? Return… Read more


Dining Room Refresh

When we first moved to our new apartment, we were completely gung-ho about decorating. But after a few months, we lost steam and diverted our attention to other things. Luckily the New Year has helped us find new energy to continue the decorating process. But with a limited… Read more


Spotlight on Vacation Days

The only thing that’s quite as good as actual Vacation Days is Hamish Robertson’s store of the same name. Hamish used to work for Vanity Fair and has an incredible sense of design, with a heavy Californian influence. I’ve  been coveting one of these to-die-for scarves… Read more


Interior Inspiration: Aussy Beach Bungalow

When people say “beach home” you probably think of blue and white interiors with seashells and anchor-themed decorations strewn about. But wipe those images from your mind! After seeing this Australian beach pad on The Design Files, I’m completely rethinking my idea of the typical beach bungalow.… Read more


Sleek And Simple Hairstyle

I’ve let my hair get very long, which means by the time I’ve finished washing, conditioning, combing and drying it, I have no energy left to style it. It usually stays straight or goes into a pretty boring ponytail. But when I saw “crossed over ponytails” (that’s… Read more